FRESH is afterschool, evening, and weekend programs/activities for Twin Valley High School students. It's a fun and exciting way to hang out with your friends or even make some new ones. Their goal is to offer a diverse list of programming so every student can be involved in an activity.

FRESH Programs

FRESH (Fun Recreational Student Hang out)

FRESH is after school, evening and weekend programs and activities for Twin Valley Middle High School students. It's fun, exciting, and a great way to hang out with your friends. Our goal is for each student to be involved in an activity. The awesome thing about FRESH is, that if there is not a program that interests you, get some friends together and create your own! FRESH is sponsored by Wings Community Programs and the Deerfield Valley Community Partnership. All decisions about FRESH programs are made by the FRESH Advisory Council made up of TVMHS students.

Contact Shelley Park for more information:

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