Twin Valley Middle School Vermont Kids Against Tobacco

TVKAT 2015-16
The Youth of Vermont are vital partners in creating solutions to preventing tobacco use among their peers.

The Twin Valley  Kids Against Tobacco (TVKAT) program is designed to empower youth to get actively involved in the prevention of tobacco use,  The TVKAT team is presently active at Twin Valley Middle School.
VKAT activities have included:

  • Sponsoring speakers for school assemblies
  • Operation Storefront - investigating tobacco advertising in local stores
  • Presentations to students in the elementary and middle school
  • Attendance at State House Rally and Presentations to legislators
  • Sponsoring a Kick Butts Day dance
  • Sponsoring Dialogue Nights with parents and teens
  • Hosting a Middle School Lock-in
  • Hosting an Ice Cream Social
  • Presentations at Deerfield Valley Health Fair
  • Attending a two day statewide training

Carrie Blake



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