Parent Corner

Can you guess?

1.  What percentage of students at Twin Valley High School report that they talk to their parents about school once or twice a week?
30%  (41% reporting talking to their parents about school every day)
(2012 Youth Risk Behavior Survey)

2. What percentage of Twin Valley High School students agree or strongly agree that in their community, they feel like they matter to people?


(2012 Youth Risk Behavior Survey)


Why do some youth get involved in dangerous activities, while others engage in positive activities? Research by the Search Institute has identified 40 concrete, positive experiences and qualities (developmental assets) that have a tremendous influence on young people's lives. Research also shows that the 40 developmental assets help young people make wise decisions, choose positive paths and grow up competent, caring and responsible.

The 40 assets are grouped into eight categories. The first group corresponds with this month's question. The category is SUPPORT. Youth need to experience support, care and love from their families and others. Support, not only from their family, but also support from three or more nonparent adults.

For more information on the 40 developmental assets go to the Search Institute Website.

See our Resources for Parents page for parent websites and other resources.


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